All types of contracts, except for electrical will need to be licensed for the county or city level for the State of Wyoming.

All contractors, except electrical, are licensed at the local (city or county) level. However, the state requires everyone doing electrical work in Wyoming to be licensed.

How to Obtain a Wyoming Contractor License

Except for contractor licensing, it will not by done by Wyoming State. Rather, it will have an option to have license contractors deferred to local jurisdiction where the activity for construction will take place. You can visit the following site for more information:   http://www.wyomuni.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={FEF86229-DEE1-4564-A608-A88AB8796AF2}

For electrical licensing, contact the State Fire MARSHAL visit the website at the following: http://wyofire.state.wy.us/electricalsafety/examinationandlicensing.html

For a profit corporation, LLC, or a limited partnership to transact any business in Wyoming, you will need to file for Certificate of Authority with the Secretary of State visit the following website at the following: http://soswy.state.wy.us/Forms/FormsFiling.aspx?startwith=Business

If you hire employees, you will need to enroll in Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation programs by the state. For more information, visit the following website at the following:  https://doe.state.wy.us/wyereg/.

Each nonresident general contractor will need to post bond with the Department of Revenue.  Each nonresident subcontractor will need other reporting requirements.For more information, please visit the following wesbite: http://revenue.state.wy.us/PortalVBVS/uploads/Publication_Contractor%20Industry%2008.22.08.pdf

Experience, Exam, or Education Requirements: Are There Any for a Contractor License in Wyoming

For all general contractors, you will need to check with the local county or city where the activity for construction will be.

Electrician licensing requires Exam, Experience, and Education.  You can view a copy of the ICC Examination Information Bulletin – It can be viewed at the following:  www.iccsafe.org/contractor to have a copy mailed to you.  Any Electrician that performs electrical work in Wyoming State will be require to be employed at all times by an electrical contractor who holds an active electrical contractor’s license in the state of Wyoming.

Contractor Continued Education: Is it a Requirement in Wyoming?

General contractors are not licensed at the state level.  Check with local city or county.   

An Electrician’s license is valid for 3 years and renews on July 1st of every 3rd year.  Renewal requires proof of not less than 16 hours of Board approved Continued Education

Is the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor license accepted in Wyoming?

No, it is not at this time.

General Contractor, Commercial Contractor License: Will Wyoming Require It?

It is best to check with local and county municipalities.

Is There Any Reciprocity With Any Other States?

Any Masters & Journeymen that obtain an active Electrician’s license from another state may have the opportunity to reciprocate their license into a Wyoming license. For more information, check the website above  to see if you meet the requirements.

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Cheyenne, WY

Each general contractor in Cheyenne, Wyoming will be required to obtain a license from the City of Cheyenne Building and Safety Department.  Prior to a contractor beginning work on a construction project, they also will need to hold a license and be familiar with the city’s regulations and rules regarding construction. 

Licenses will be issued to the contractor’s business entity, instead of the individual.  For this reason, each General Contracting business is required to employ at least one person who meets the requirements for Building and Safety Department’s requirements for licensing.  This person will be known as the “Qualifying Supervisor.”

The license application packet for each of the license classifications contains both a Qualifying Supervisor application or a contractor license application. To receive a license, each application will need to be completed and sent in along with the following:

  • A completed list of company references.  All contractors will be required to submit a list of references from other clients or companies that they have worked with in the past.  Examples include supply houses, lumber yards, customers, etc.
  • A Detailed list of the Qualifying Supervisor’s experience (hands on experience)
  • Provide proof that the Qualifying Supervisor has taken and successfully passed the Wyoming Association of Municipalities or the ICC National Exam.
*Certain license classifications will require an exam and others do not.  The license application for the specifc classification (A-S) that the contractor wishes to hold will show if the classification is “tested” or “non-tested.”
  • All contractors will be required to obtain a certificate of general commercial liability insurance, along the City of Cheyenne Building and Safety Department as the certificate holder.
  • If the contractor plans to hire workers, they will be required to hold both unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance

Each applicant will be required to pass an exam and will also need to appear before the Licensing Board.  The Licensing Board meets every second Tuesday of each month in the City Council Chambers.  Those who are required to appear before the Board will need to submit 12 copies of their completed license application, one for each Board member to review.

All license applications are due on each last business day of each month, prior to the scheduled Board meeting. 

Casper, WY

Prior to beginning work on a construction project in the City of Casper, Wyoming, Each general contractor will need to hold a license from the Community Development Department.

The City of Casper will offer three separate license classifications to General Contractors, in addition to roofing and demolition contractor license classes:

  • Class I- This will allow contractors to work on structures and buildings of any size
  • Class II- This will allow contractors to work on residential projects with up to 8 units, and commercial projects that are assessed up to 25% value of the existing building or structure.
  • Class II- This allows contractors to work on single-family homes that are assessed up to 25% of the value of the home.

 In order to receive a Class I or II license, each contractor must take and successfully pass the International Building Code exam.  Class III licensees will need to pass the International Residential Building Code exam.  Each exam will be open-book with a time limit of four hours.

All applicants will need to also prove that they have a minimum of four years of work related experience within the field of construction.  Along with their application, contractors will be required to send ina signed and notarized experience affidavit on company stationery.  Work experience affidavits will need to be completed by someone with first-hand knowledge of the experience of the contractor’s work, such as an employer.

Additionally, each contractor will be required to hold a minimum liability insurance policy with $100,000 for public liability, as well as $300,000 per occurrence and $100,000 in for any property damage.
Contractors will be required to submit a license fee in the following amounts:

  • Class I: $300/ $75 renewal amount
  • Class II: $150/ $75 renewal amount
  • Class III: $150/ $75 renewal amount

License applications are due 10 days prior to the Contractor’s Board meets for review process.  The Board will meet on each third Thursday of each month.  Along with the application, it is crucial to submit any additional information about the contractor or their past work experience that may influence the decision of the Board.  In certain cases, the Board may ask the contractor to show up in person to explain elements of their application or work experience.

Jackson, WY

Each general contractor that is working in the Town of Jackson, Wyoming will need to obtain a license from the Jackson Building Department.  It is also crucial that each contractor becomes familiar with the Contractor License Ordinances that is set by the Town of Jackson.

These ordinances state that each General Contractor will be required to have a working telephone in order to obtain license.  The phone must be answered during all business hours or there must be a working voicemail service.

They also state that each general contractor will need to employ someone with a master certificate of qualification (COQ) within the license classification that the contractor is applying for.  In order to hold a COQ, the person that the contractor employs will need to take and successfully pass the ICC exam, as well as have the between 2- 8 years of work experience in their field, depending on the classification of the license.

The Building Department will offer the following license classifications to each contractor:

  • Class A- General Contractor License: This will allow contractors to work on structures or buildings of any size.  COQs will be required to have a minimum of 8 years of work experience.
  • Class B- Building Contractor License: This will allow contractors to work on commercial projects, as well as multi-unit residences that are 3 stories or less in height.  The COQ must have a minimum of  4 years’ experience related to work in this field
  • Class C- Residential Contractor License: This will allow contractors to work on one and two-family homes, as well as accessory buildings.  The COQ must have at least 2 years work experience for this type of classification.

Along with the license application, and the COQ application, each contractor will also need to submit a reference form, which will be completed by someone with first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s experience.  

Contractors will also need to submit proof of general liability insurance in the minimum amount of $500,000, as well as a surety bond in the amount of $10,000.  Bonds and insurance will need to be issued by a company that is licensed to do business in the State of Wyoming.  The contractor will need to be listed as the principal and the Town of Jackson will need tobe listed as the oblige on each policy.

The typical cost to receive a Class A, B or C license in the Town of Jackson is $300.  COQs will also need to pay a fee of $50.  Licenses will remain good for a period of one year and will set to expire each year on December 31st.  Upon renewal, all licensees will need to pay a $300 renewal fee.  COQs will need to renew their certificate each every 3 years and the cost will be $25.  During renewal, COQs will also need o attend 8 hours of continuing education.

Cody, WY

To be able to work on any construction projects within the city limits of Cody, Wyoming, General Contractors will b required to hold a current license.  Licenses will be issued by the City Contractor’s Board.  General Contractors will need to obtain a Class A license from the city in order to bid on or secure any work.  Class B and C licenses will be offered to other contractor types, such as plumbing or electrical.

Each contractor will need to finish, sign, and notarize the application and send it to the Contractor’s Board, along with the following:

  • Letters of recommendation that show proof that the contractor has at least 4 years of work experience within the field of contracting.  Acceptable work experiences that include work as a contractor, engineer, architect, carpenter, journeyman, or other related experience. contractor, journeyman, carpenter, architect, engineer, or other related experiences including the type of work performed and the duration of the work.
  • Provide proof that the contractor has taken and successfully passed the General Contracting (Building Construction) Exam from Wyoming Trades Certification program.  This program will be sponsored by the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM). Provide proof that the contractor has obtained general liability insurance within the minimum amount of $1,000,000 for bodily injury, as well as $1,000,000 for property damage.
*Cody City Hall will offer a notary service for license applications with no extra charge.

Question: How do I register my construction company in Wyoming? 

 Register your Wyoming Business With:

Wyoming Secretary of State
Business Division 2020 Carey Avenue, Suite 700
Cheyenne, WY 82002


(307) 777-7311


What forms do I need to register my new company in Wyoming?

Register your Business in Wyoming                  

Forms   Tax Forms  


Question: How do I look up a company in Wyoming or see if a company name is available to register?  

Answer: Use this link to see if your company name is available in Wyoming Entity Search