Washington, District of Columbia

Electrical, plumbing, asbestos abatement, home improvement and refrigeration and air conditioning contractors must be licensed to work in the District of Columbia.

How to Obtain Registration to Be a Washington DC Contractor

Home Improvement Contractor

A license will be required for any home improvement work for any contracts that total over $300.

 You will need to contact the following:

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Business and Professional Licensing Administration

Business application/processing requirements:

  • Application for a basic business license.
  • Certificate for Occupancy and Compliance regarding regulations for zoning.
  • Meet the requirements for corporations division. For further instructions for registering, you can visit http://www.dcra.dc.gov and then click on the “corporate registration”.
  • a Clean Hands certification – This certification shows that you don’t owe an exceeding amount of $100 to District of Columbia government, in a result of taxes, interest, penalties, or fees.
  • Obtain an Office of Tax Revenue registration. Submit and send in a combined business tax registration application – form FR500. 
  • Obtain a police criminal history report – Form PD70
  • Obtain a surety bond for an amount of $5,000 for a period of two licensing years.
  • Property Damage and Public Liability Insurance Certificate will be needed. You will be required to have insurance for public liability for a total amount of $100,000. The property damage will need to total $50,000 for a two year licensing period.
  • Obtain contract samples. You will need to send in two already printed sets of your contract forms, or even receipt forms in with your application.
  • You will need to make a list of salespersons who are working for your company. You will need to send in at least one application for a Home Improvement Salesperson.

License fee for home improvement business – The fee of the application will be $35 and the license will cost $167. You will be required to pay an endorsement fee of $10. The license will remain in effect for two years.

for Home Improvement Salesperson Application:

  • Application for Basic Business License
  • Clean Hands Certification. This will certify that you won’t owe an exceeding amount of $100 to District of Columbia government and have it result in taxes, interest, penalties, or fees.
  • Obtain registration for the Office of Tax Revenue. Submit a Combined Business Tax Registration Application, and it will be form FR500. For further information, contact the Tax Customer Center.
  • Obtain a police criminal history report – Form PD 70.
  • Obtain Digital passport photographs.
  • Submit proof of an Issued business license.
  • Obtain an affidavit. This will need to be completed by a contractor who is located within the Metropolitan area of the District of Columbia. They will also have to hold a license and will need to certify that the applicant will gain employment by the contractor for the title of “home improvement salesperson”.

Fee For Home Improvement Salesperson – There will be a $25 fee for an application. There is a $167 fee for a license. You will also need to pay an endorsement fee of $10. The license will be good for two licensing years.