Each builder of an owner-occupied modular, factory-built, condominium, duplex, townhouse, single family, and new home residences must register with New Home Warranty Program. A builder is known as an organization or individual within a business of constructing new homes.

The Contractor Registration Act has a requirement that each contractor who engages in a business of selling or making home improvements will need to register each year with the Division. Municipalities can’t issue construction permits to a home improvement contractor who is unregistered, which was effective January 1st, 2006.

Licensing can be issued at a county or city level. You must still register with the Division, even if you have licensure through the local town.

You must register to be in the business of building new homes in New Jersey. You must also warrant each new home you build and provide warranty follow-up services. Registration is required do business as a home repair contractor. Plumbers, electricians and home improvement contractors are licensed in New Jersey.

How to Obtain Registration Within the State of New Jersey.

In order to register for New Home Warranty Program, you must send in an application for registration and a $200 registration fee, which is nonrefundable. For further information regarding the application:

State of New Jersey – Dept. of Community Affairs
Division of Codes and Standards
Bureau of Homeowners Protection – New Home Warranty Program
Website:  http://www.state.nj.us/dca

If the builder receives approval, a registration card will be issued. That card will need to be shown to local construction officials when the construction has a permit for a new home.

To become a Home Improvement Contractor:

Attach a $90 fee, which is non-refundable, to the division.

Have proof of insurance for commercial general liability.

Finish and send in the application, which is available at http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/HIC/

Send in to: 

State of New Jersey
Division of Consumer Affairs
Regulated Business Section – Home Improvement Unit
Website:  www.state.nj.us/njbgs

Experience, Exam, Education, or Education Requirements: Are There Any to Obtain New Jersey Registration?

No, there are not for the state level. It’s best to check with the city and county municipality for further requirements.

Contractor Continued Education: Is This a Requirement for New Jersey?

No, not when it comes to the state level.  It’s best to check with the city and county municipality for further requirements.

Annual renewal will be required for The Contractors Registration Act.

NASCLA Commercial Contractor License: Is This Accredited License Accepted Within New Jersey?


General Contractor, Commercial Contractor: Is This License a Requirement in New Jersey?

is crucial to register with the state. It is best to check with the city or county municipality for further requirements.

Does New Jersey Have Reciprocity With Any Other States?

Any out-of-state contractors who make or sell improvements to non-commercial properties or homes within the state of New Jersey will be required to register with the Division.

It is best to check with local and county municipalities for further requirements.

This examination is OPEN BOOK.

# of Questions                                               % Required to Pass                             Time Allowed
        50                                                              70% (35 correct)                               130 Minutes

Subject Area                                                        # Items Test
Business Organization                                               2
Licensing                                                                      5
Estimating and Bidding                                             7
Contract Management                                              8
Project Management                                                 5
Risk Management                                                     4
Safety                                                                         4
Labor Law                                                                  4
Financial Management                                            5
Tax Law                                                                      3
Lien Law                                                                     3

Question: How do I register my construction company in New Jersey? 

 Register your New Jersey Business With:

New Jersey Division of Revenue
PO Box 308
Trenton, NJ 08625




What forms do I need to register my new company in New Jersey?

Register your Business in New Jersey                  

Forms   Tax Forms  


Question: How do I look up a company in New Jersey or see if a company name is available to register?  

Answer: Use this link to see if your company name is available in New Jersey Entity Search  


Where can I get the books?

AMAZON – Click on the book to order:

NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business Law & Project Management New Jersey 1st Edition

NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business Law & Project Management. New Jersey 1st Edition