Each contractor and business that is engaging in any construction work in the state of Iowa will need to be registered if they expect to earn $2,000+ per year. It’s recommended to contact the city or county office where the contractor intends to work. Any additional information regarding the specific trade licenses will need to be obtained from IDED website, which is the following:

All construction contractors doing business in Iowa must be registered with the state. Electricians, plumbers and mechanical professionals must be licensed with the state. Asbestos workers, contractors and supervisors must obtain licenses for all asbestos projects. 

How to Obtain Registration Within the State of Iowa

Download and view a copy of the registration and application at the following: 
Iowa Division of Labor, Contractor Registration

You can also request an application with an email to:

Complete and send in the registration from to the Division of Labor. You will also need to attach a fee of $50, as well as Worker’s Compensation Insurance certificate, if you have any employees. Any contractor who has an office at home, outside of Iowa, will need to file a bond.

Experience, Exam, or Education: Is There any Requirements for the License in Iowa?

No, there are not.

Contractor Continued Education: Is it Required Within the State of Iowa?

Continued education is not required during this time when it comes to renewal of registration. However, registrations are required to be renewed each year. The renewal applications are the same thing as a registration application.

NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractor: Is the License Able to be Used in Iowa?


General Contractor Commercial Contractor: Does the State of Iowa Require it to be Registered?


Does the State of Iowa have Reciprocity with Different States?

You must register with a different state. Check in with local county regulations.

Question: How do I register my construction company in Iowa? 

 Register your Iowa Business With:

Office of the Secretary of State
First Floor, Lucas Building 321 E. 12th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319


(515) 281-5204


What forms do I need to register my new company in Iowa?

Register your Business in Iowa                

Forms   Tax Forms  


Question: How do I look up a company in Iowa or see if a company name is available to register?  

Answer: Use this link to see if your company name is available in Iowa Entity Search